Finely ground Lutenica

We select the best quality and well-ripened Bulgarian vegetables and prepare and preserve them the way those from whom we inherited the original recipes did. This requires time, effort and dedication, but only in this way can we be sure to preserve the most useful substances of the vegetables. The ingredients of each jar of Lütenitsa Parvomai and Sauces Parvomai go through assembly lines in three production rooms. The company's workplaces are located on 25,000 m2. Our factory is equipped with modern and well-established machines for the production of quality, safe and tasty foods. Our technological process is unique, therefore the taste of our products is as well. Every year “Bulkons Parvomai“ EOOD buys thousands of tons of fresh Bulgarian vegetables from producers in Bulgaria, for the production of “Bulkons” products. Our technology allows us to store tomato and pepper purees as SINGLE concentrates in special containers. This is how we preserve the original, unique taste and color of "First" products.