Lutenica Parvomay in a box

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Lyutenitsa Parvomai is now available in a new aluminum package with a guaranteed preserved traditional and unique taste of the Bulgarian heritage. Ported Lyutenitsa Parvomai from the glass jar in a new convenient and light packaging, which is available on the Bulgarian market in 70 g and 125 g sizes. If you are planning to have a picnic or an outing in nature with family and friends, or you have dedicated the next weekend to fishing , don't forget to take a box of Parvomay lutenitsa with you. 


  • Mashed Bulgarian tomatoes - 52%
  • Mashed Bulgarian peppers - 36%
  • sunflower oil
  • sugar
  • starch
  • iodized salt
  • onion onion
  • garlic flour
  • cumin
  • black pepper

Nutrition Facts | for 100 gr.

  • Carbohydrates 15.5 g.
  • of which sugars 14.8 g.
  • Fats 5 g.
  • of which saturated 0.6 g.
  • Proteins 1.7 g.
  • Energy value in kJ 477 kJ
  • Energy value in kJ 114 kcal
  • Salt 1.4 g.

Packing Data

  • scale icon 125
    NET quantity (gr.)
  • package icon 10
    Number of packages in a box
  • jar over pallet icon 4,320
    Number of packages in a pallet
  • package over pallet icon 432
    Number of cartons per pallet
  • package over scale icon 6,00
    GROSS weight stack (kg.)
  • jar over scale icon 592
    GROSS weight per pallet (kg.)