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45 min
A spicy and appetizing addition to any dish. To make it in its original taste you have to wait for the late summer and autumn to come. Those of you who like to add some piquancy to their dish will love it. You can make it in different variations all year round.

Necessary Products

  • 1 kg of Chorbadzhiiski peppers (Italian frying peppers)
  • 2 jars of Bulcons Apetitka
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic
  • some frying oil
  • some fresh parsley or basil leaves
  • some salt

Nutrition Facts | for 100 gr.

  • Proteins2
  • Fats16
  • Carbohydrates15
  • Calories205
  • Saturated fats2
  • Energy-

Method of preparation

Wash and dry the Italian frying peppers, remove the stems and cut them in 3cm-4cm pieces (you may leave the seeds in, but mind that some of the Italian frying peppers may be very hot). Peel the garlic cloves and cut them into thin slices. Put some oil in a casserole (you want to lightly steam the peppers not fry them) and add the peppers and garlic. Let them fry a little until soft and if you wish you can put a lid on to steam them. When the peppers are cooked, add some salt and Apetitka Bulcons. Strew some parsley or basil on top.

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