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15 min
This meal you can have as a starter in winter or have it for you afternoon snack with some toast. You can have it in winter or as a replacement for you fresh tomato salad in summer if you would like something spicier.

Necessary Products

  • 3 eggs
  • 150 gr. feta cheese
  • 1 jar of home style lyutenitsa Bulcons Parvomai
  • salt
  • parsley and a few tops of spring onion

Nutrition Facts | for 100 gr.

  • Proteins5
  • Fats16
  • Carbohydrates7
  • Calories182
  • Saturated fats2
  • Energy-

Method of preparation

Boil the eggs until hard (around 15 minutes). Cool off and finely chop them, crumble some feta and chop finely some parsley and spring onion. Add dome home style lyutenitsa Bulcons Parvomai and mix well adding some salt. You may add also some black olives or finely chopped pickled gherkins Bulcons Parvomai depending on your taste and season.

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