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50 min
For this popular feast Bulcons has a suggestion for you - prepare your carp with Bulcons Parvomai tomato paste. Our recipe is simple, quick to prepare and very tasty.

Necessary Products

  • one carp
  • 1 big clove of onion
  • 1 jar Bulcons Parvomai tomato paste
  • some paprika powder
  • black pepper
  • laurel leaf
  • oil, salt

Nutrition Facts | for 100 gr.

  • Proteins49
  • Fats43
  • Carbohydrates19
  • Calories737
  • Saturated fats6
  • Energy-

Method of preparation

Scale and gut the carp then rinse. Dip into some water mixed with a little vinegar. For the sauce: fry some onion, add some red paprika powder, salt, Bulcons Parvomai tomato paste, a few seeds of black pepper and a couple of laurel leaves. Simmer the sauce until thick. Rinse the carp, dry it and sprinkle it with some salt and black pepper. Grease a pan, put the carp in and pour the cooked sauce on it. Bake until ready and serve with fresh parsley and lemon slices.

Bon appetit!

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