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The milestone of Bulcons Parvomai production is the use of fresh tomatoes and peppers produced in the unspoiled fertile region of Parvomai. They are the guarantee for the unique Bulcons taste. We do not add any preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colours or emulsifiers to our Lyutenitsas, Tomato pastes, Pickled Gherkins, Roasted and peeled peppers, Apetitka, Pepper appetizer, Aivar, Pindzhur.

Our taste is distinctive. It is worth it. We select high quality peak season ripe Bulgarian vegetables and we process and preserve them as did the people we inherited the original recipes from. That takes time, effort and commitment. But it’s wort it since that is the only way to preserve the precious nutrients in the vegetables. The ingredients in any of Bulcons Parvomai jars have been processed on conveyor belts in three production facilities with total area of 82 000 sq. m. Our plant is equipped with modern and well trusted machines for the production of high quality, safe and tasty food products. Our technology process is unique so is the taste of our products. Each year to make its products Bulcons Parvomai buys tons of fresh Bulgarian vegetables from Bulgarian producers. Our technology ensures the preservation of tomato and pepper pastes as SINGLE concentrates in special containers. Thus we preserve the original unique taste and colours of our Bulcons products. We evaporate slowly with constant stirring till we reach the desired consistency known to generations of Bulgarians. We add fresh herbs supplied by local producers to preserve the traditional flavor and sense of the typical Bulgarian product.
We fill in jars, sterilize, package and deliver to YOU the taste of tradition. Lyutenitsa Parvomai is made only of Bulgarian produce. This is a natural product with protected geographical indication made under a traditional recipe. We do not add any preservatives, artificial colours, emulsifiers or taste enhancers. Our lyutenitsa does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Among our products you will find: Tomato pastes, Roasted peeled peppers, Apetitka, Pickled gherkins, Pepper appetizer, Pindzhur, Aivar and other.
Due to the specific taste characteristics and peculiar aspects of the placement of the products on the foreign markets our products are made following preliminary agreed recipes, fixed volumes and concluded contracts. We cooperate with a wide range of clients abroad under our own trademark as well as under other trademarks. Our major export markets are those of Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Russia and others.
All production processes are strictly controlled and regulated by the Bulgarian law.