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High quality and fine taste

Bulcons Parvomai plant is located in the heart of one of the most fertile Bulgarian regions. This allows us to select and use only vegetables and fruit of highest quality - various sorts of tomatoes, gherkins, peppers, aubergines, onion. Our lyutenitsas, Tomato pastes, Pickled Gherkins, Roasted and peeled peppers, Apetitka, Pepper appetizer, Aivar, Pindzhur do not contain any preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colours, emulsifiers or other harmful additives.

Bulcons Parvomai tomato and red pepper pastes are produced only from Bulgarian fresh vegetables and that practice makes our products unique. We store our pastes in containers as single concentrates to preserve their natural taste and colour. Our lyutenitsas are made using the evaporation process in vacuum machines at 68-70 C which further contributes to the preservation of the vegetables’ natural taste and colour. We do not add any artificial colours enhancers or other artificial additives since we care for the Bulgarian tradition and production. The state of the art production facilities of Bulcons Parvomai offers our clients high quality products combining the food safety and control requirements with maximum preservation of the products’ nutritional qualities. Our products feature high content of vegetable pastes and low content of added sugar and starch. To answer the needs of the clients and to meet the highest requirement for a quality product Bulcons Parvomai is accomplished with a laboratory carrying out microbiological and physics and chemical tests involving up-to-date methods and equipment. The whole production process is managed and controlled by qualified and experienced food industry professionals. We have obtained certificates for quality management systems and food products safety BDS EN ISO9001:2008, EN ISO22000:2005 and FSSC 22000. This is a proof of our commitment to tradition and to keeping the expectations of those who love the taste of tradition.

We will keep on producing quality and tasty products. This is why you keep on trusting us.